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Historic Setting With Modern Conveniences

Set in Jiak Kim Street, Rivière shares the site with 3 warehouses that have been here since the earliest times. Once home to goods hauled up the river and the legendary nightspot Zouk, they will now be transformed into a reception area for you. Alongside this historic setting, you will have the latest and finest in modern conveniences that will make life here a joy. A spot in history that stretches to the past and the future, this is the duality that is Rivière.

Smart Home and Community

Control and secure your home with the mobile device of your choice.

Concierge Services

Our signature service makes sure that your every need is catered to.

Laundry Services

Let us take care of the mundane while you focus on the splendid.


For when you need it, making your home sparkle is just a call away.

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Directions to Sales Gallery


Nearest Carparks: (click for directions)
Blk 87 Zion Road or Great World City

Free shuttle bus to Great World City is also available.

Pick-up location at:
- Newton MRT
- Queenstown MRT
- Chinatown MRT

For more information, you may check out:

Visit Showflat

Make an appointment for a showflat visit. Let us tell you about the Re-launch and how you can get 40 exclusive units with massive savings. 

Your first step toward ownership in Rivière is just a call away.

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